Yet Another List

Since the Blogosphere is exploding with all kinds of lists, here’s one from me for the ones studying abroad or are thinking of being a student abroad.

Prerequisites: A scholarship to study abroad so that the parents’-money-albatross doesn’t hang around your neck (alternatively, a lot of confidence of landing a great job later), a language-course followed by a Masters course and a lot of awesome misfits. That’s the recipe for a Honeymoon.

1. Self-invite yourself to BBQs or house parties on Day 1: Engage in some eavesdropping while you’re the new-comer and yet to make friends. Make an entry into the group talking about a BBQ evening to ask them with that charming smile if you can join them. Chances are, they’ll be awesome people and invite you even before you finish asking them (because usually it’s the awesome ones that plan out BBQs!) So, you get amazing food and you also meet some very interesting people, some of whom you’ll later discover to be your soul-mates.

2. Host a house-party or several: Go impulsive and create an event on FB and send out invites to all the internationals you met briefly over your first week in this strange foreign land. Chances are, they’ll bring friends of friends and gradually the party you are hosting will spill over to the stairway and later on to the nearest nightclub.

3. Stay away from your Country-men and women, unless you want to feel comfortable and at-home in a foreign country. If you prefer to socialize with people from your own country and remain in your comfort zone, you could have rather stayed in your country and donated that fat airfare to my travel fund! Make a conscious effort to break out from your comfort zone, to not eat the same food  and to not converse in the same language you are used to back home!

4. Follow the country’s rules: I know there’s a cheap thrill in not following rules. Let’s break the rules, let’s walk in the middle of the street. Yayy. But try to follow the rules and see how wonderful and frustrating it is. Wonderful because well, everything works better when people are well-behaved and not being plain jerks. Frustrating because, you now know rules work and can even make sense!

5. Go broke after a week long travel escapade and then lock yourself up in your room (because you cannot afford otherwise). This is the time to reminisce about your travels; the time to realize the need to save up for the next one and to cook with friends who are as broke as you.

6. Have at least one big map, to mark the countries that you have friends from and the countries you’ve been to and the ones you want to visit. This is a reminder for whatever these people and places might signify for you!

7. Do some figuring out about life, who you want to be and who you want to be with/around. (This is quite inevitable)

8. Get your heart broken at least once and then have your bunch of international friends try to help rescue you out of your misery in their own style. I bet years later this would be a thing to smile and brag about!

9. Take a break from the parties: YOLO is not just about waking up the morning after with a throbbing head. It is also about taking your education seriously (at least a bit), respecting deadlines, reading fiction, writing, painting, learning an instrument, traveling, cooking, eating, traveling and eating and traveling.

10. Make a return to the parties. They are fun. After all, YOLO.

11. Travel Travel Travel because, there is nothing better in this world than to exposing your senses to the New.

This one I still have to do:

Take off with a bag and no house keys and no address to return to. 


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